Celebrate the life she gave birth to !!!!!!!!!

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Mother’s day just passed and as usual I called mom.I wished her and carried chit chatting about the unending serial sagas,her servant not turning up that day, and  before she could interrupt my talk, to  runaway to watch  her favourite soaps,I casually asked her , what gift would she  like .She happily and with no  second thoughts , said “Its your  happiness that I wish for and  nothing else“.Its been the same from the day I started asking her and I wondered, why her answer never changed with the passing years  .Maybe that’s how mothers are.I wouldn’t know till I became one.

A perfect gift for her has always stayed a mystery to me.

While walking the life’s long and tiring paths ,this question had always stayed deep inside me and the quest for a perfect answer was awaited  until………..

Just a few  days before , I got a call from one of my best friends .Even before she said anything ,I could very strangely feel the tears in her eyes and the glee in her voice  and I knew and  just waited for her to yell out “It’s a healthy baby boy “.She was running out of words and couldn’t express her happiness enough .Maybe that’s the after effects of becoming a mother . I strangely saw her change in an instant ,from a self-love kind of person to one filled, just with the endless thoughts of her precious newborn and the worries of his comfort and happiness in the coming days .I was astonished ,this was a whole new person altogether, of which I knew very little.
Then I quiet instantly remembered what Bhagwan  Shree Rajneesh had said .

The moment a child is born ,the mother is also born.She never existed before.”

Now that explains why my dear friend was acting this way .So maybe to have a baby is for a woman to be born again altogether.
I used to always blame God for the endless pains, which a woman go through  in her lifetime and had always wished to be a boy at least  in the next birth (according to Hinduism there are many births ).Very surprisingly ,I wouldnt wish the same now.Why?simply because how else would you get a chance  to create , nourish and feel – a life inside you and not  to forget the whole reborn thing !!!!!in the same life .That’s like a whole new discovery of one’s own self ,how exciting isntit?……I wouldnt trade this feeling for anything else under the sun.

All  Mothers are full of  selfless love ,bundles of care and are filled with tonnes of worries about their little ones ,who never seem to grow up in their eyes.

So, as all these thoughts crept  up my mind ,I knew that any number of gifts wouldn’t match up to the love, my own mother gave me and  though it might give her momentary happiness ,it wouldn’t last long .
In order to gift her a  blissful state and continuing happiness ,I would need to constantly take care of her precious one  and that’s ME for the rest of my life and celebrate every moment of the life she gave birth to .

So if ever you guys get depressed about things happening in your life which is not in your control and you feel helpless just close your eyes and think about your mom and her unconditional love for you .

Now time for some laughs……….