“Holding onto Unhappiness”

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“Holding on ” or more simply clinging to someone or something ,I realise is the root cause for most of the problems in our lives.

We humans hold on to everything ,wouldn’t be wrong to say we are “clingers” in a way  ,by that I mean , we are ready to put up with anything but wouldn’t dare face a loss.

For example , we never let go of

our old daunting relationships,

wishes that might never become reality ,

grudges that never seem to end ,

fear which we never overcome ,

bad memories which never seem to vanish ,

let alone the simple things in life-like old clothes that never fits  us or more simply a television we no longer use .Then how on earth would we be happy ?

By happiness I mean, not the kind of happiness which you feel on achieving something materialistically , that might give you a sense of achievement or  false pride , but is nothing close to the real happiness which makes the soul bloom.

According to me  happiness is an ideal state , where  our mind and heart seem to be in perfect harmony and are engulfed with  a feeling of  serenity , no matter what the surrounding conditions are .

Unfortunately as I said this is an ideal state  and from my own life experiences I know reaching this phase or maybe even closer to this , is a journey needing constant introspection, to spot  the seeds of our unhappiness and then uproot it forever, before it even spreads within us creating more chaos.It might be hard to keep doing this process of detoxification , but  nothing is impossible and  its never too late to start trying .

One small but do-able solution I discovered  is “to declutter our minds”constantly on  a regular basis .By that I mean  finding a solution to the cause of the trouble  once and  for all, rather than dealing with the trouble itself again and again.This can help us  discover our true identities ,which otherwise would have stayed buried within us,  only because we never got time off   solving our —-” cluttered knots”.

In order to unleash the better and happy “U”, one needs to keep your mind from cluttering .

A clear mind and a jolly heart will help you  feel and share wholesome  happiness.

That way, you can Celebrate the freedom within U which would help you Celebrate Life better.

Now times for some laughs…………..hahahahhaha

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That’s a complex question !!!!!!

Life is a long journey .

It’s a journey of challenges , love , happiness, sadness, loss , faith , hope, tears , laughter , success , failures, seasons ,friends , family ,children ,emotions , deceit ,darkness, light ,well wishers ,betrayers and many more .

We cannot be sure, that there would be unending flow of  happiness and positive light in our lives always .

There is a reason for the  dark things out there .To challenge us, get us out of our comfort zones, show us new paths ,lead us into another world .

In short, life shows us its different faces now and then and expect us to deal with it.

The only thing we can  do, is change the way  we perceive life and make an effort to stay happy  .We all have to bid goodbye to this beautiful world and exit from it one day ,then why do we cry over losses and frown and fret over things we don’t have .

Why not celebrate the life God has given us and play our best parts before we run out of time on this planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How  2 Celebrate Life (H2CL) would picture two different categories. Before that, if you are thinking why H2cl ,let me tell you, it’s just my way of expressing my love for chemistry .I used to love mugging up all chemical formulas and writing those long equations !!!!!!!!Strange but true!!!

Okay , now the two categories would be —

Pearls Of Wisdom (PoW):

Lately, I realised ,that the biggest teacher is Life itself. It can love us  at times but can also show its ugly side in an instant.

So these pages will be the lessons, which my life taught me  so far which I would like to share it with everyone  .Why ? because ———

“Knowledge is for sharing” —- that’s my father’s favourite line and I truly believe in it . Somewhere , these lessons helped me appreciate my life better and celebrate it in the best way possible.

My love for Alba (ML4A):Second Category

I have been fortunate enough  to travel and experience different culture , from a very young age .Much  of the credit goes to my dad who worked for the   government. His honesty and upright nature meant a number of transfers to far and wide , not to forget his punishment transfers to some remote areas, after all he wasn’t quiet the favourite of many corrupt politicians. Anyways , all these life experiences ,taught me to love, really feel and study the varied communities, people ,traditions and learn to  respect them .

While studying for my Master’s in Aberdeen , I realised Scotland has a lot of potential but people are not aware of the beauty and variety it can offer them .So I always knew I wanted to give my bit to make this possible .

My Luv 4 Alba is a small attempt to make people aware the different colours and faces  of Scotland.


"One of the reasons I love Alba"