Do something which you never did before!!!!!!

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Often amidst busy schedules and responsibilities ,we lose the real selves and most of the time end up shouldering responsibilities and pleasing others.This unchanged and grueling lifestyle makes life boring and stale.

What we need is a quick way to rediscover yourself .One way I did it was ” doing something which I never did before“.

Drama, never was one of my favourites nor did I experience an urge to try it .The word drama just strangely sounded similar to boredom and big yawns  , until what happened next.
One of my family friend gave me tickets for a play ,which he was unable to go for.So battling a lot of  “don’t want to go ” thoughts and suppressing our lazy selves me and my husband, head to the  Art centre yesterday, just a few minutes before the play started.It was real different to see and be around people who enjoyed drama and arts, of which we knew nothing !!!!!!
As soon we arrived a lady at the door handed us a pamphlet  .A quick glance confirmed that  the play was “A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC“.

I had visited the art centre for the first time ,it had a small cafeteria and lots of big and small rooms for various events and a medium-sized auditorium.We just kept to ourselves and quietly went and sat in our assigned places and waited for it to start.

The show started at 7:30 and it was marvellous.The pretty faces ,beautiful songs,lovely dresses ,and a mix of magical lights flooding its way onto the stage in different permutation  and combination.It was a feast to the eyes.The story was about love which triumphs at the end after a storm of confusion .Everyone in the play did a marvellous job  and I loved all the songs especially “Remember “and “the weekend in the country”.
The lady who portrayed  “Desiree Armfeldt” ,  played here part beautifully and  effortlessly.It also had a popular number, sung by “Petra” called “The Miller’s Son” ,which is quite popular on the web and has different versions of it  in YouTube .

The beautiful  saga continued , for the next  2 and half hours with a break in between .Though my husband was getting a little restless due to uncomfortable seats ,he too had his eyes grained on the stage the whole time.
At the end of it  ,we both knew  it was worth the time and effort, not  to forget the tunes were still playing on our   lips .I was  happy to discover that somewhere deep inside me ,was a small cute place for drama.We both decided that we definitely will make it to another play soon….

As for the play ,hats of to all who were involved in making it!!!!!Your hard work is appreciated and hope everybody likes it or falls in love with it like we did.

Hmmmm…..believe me, sometimes just discovering something  new about yourself can add a fresh taste  to your life and help you recharge .It doesn’t have to be drama ,it can be anything which you like but never tried or maybe something you never thought you would try.

Either way , it’s like tasting a new ice-cream ,you might or might not like it , but taking  the plunge is what is important here, because you are trying to discover a new “you“.

Lets celebrate life through rediscovering and reinventing oneself,again and again, to keep life from standing still.

Now time for some laughs ………….