My plant talks!!!!!!!

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My plant talks !!!!!!!!!

Today I was just wondering ,is love all about the love between human relationships ?
 Can love be extended  and exercised to other friend of ours  like a plant, a bird ,a place,a dog ( we can still imagine because it show its loyalty to us )
Can we love all of these ” non speaking ”  friends ,selflessly without caring once about us?
 Its sounds a little difficult .Why? because we feel , they are less emotive than us humans  and we are really selfish and  wouldn’t want to waste our  energy and time on something which doesn’t reciprocate .
 Well , I feel love, is the one major glue, which sticks us to anything and if we are in love with something we understand their pain and happiness as if its our own , even if they were  these “non speaking” friends who are unspoken about .In order to know and understand them better we need what is called as inner peace which seems to be lacking in this fierce competitive materialistic world of ours.

There are times, when  I am been labeled as crazy  ,I will tell you Why?
 I am in love with a small indoor plant and had called it my baby for the past 4 years .I take care of it by watering and feeding it when required  and while doing these, I initiate a live conversation with my baby in my own silence , which makes me understand its pain as if its my own .So much so that many a times , I even rush, to change its place to save it from the scorching sun .This might sound insane but that’s the extent  I am attached to it.I remember when I had gone for a trip abroad , I  gave clear  instructions to my friend as to how to  care of it  and believe me, I did shout on her when  I saw a  small  brown leaf on my baby, which confirmed that she had been left to fend for herself!!!!!!My baby, flowers twice a year and these are the times when my joys are at its peak .

These are  just few  of the many crazy love  instances of mine  .I tend to love  anything which crosses my path ,like I have these chirpy little pigeons who come to my window sill for a morsel of grain, at the same time everyday .They tend to litter the place a bit but the joy I get while watching them eat and play with each other is immense .During nights when its cold outside snowing heavily ,I just quickly close my eyes and pray to God for their safety .The days when they don’t turn up, I get worried as if they were my own children .

This crazy love of mine helps me  feel love in a lot number of ways ,everyday and makes my life worth living.

Why do I do it in spite of being called crazy  , simply because it makes me more alive and helps me become a  human in its purest sense .Didnt the word ” humane” evolve from us humans which resonates with compassion , mercy and kindness?
When you feel and share love with everything and everyone around , the world becomes a better to place to live in and one starts to understand the world the way  GOD made it .

This peculiar way of  caring, loving and exchanging emotions with my strange friends have helped me evolve ,understand myself and the world around me better and many a times even healed my pains and scars . It helps me multiply the state of inner peace within me ,which contributes towards cleansing and refreshing my thoughts and ideas constantly.

This is just one of the ways I celebrate my existence .

Time for laughs……..hahahahhah

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